This is very much dependent on the type of treatment you are receiving. For the majority of massage treatments such as Full Body Massage you will be asked to undress. This is so you will get the most out of your treatment and helps to avoid the risk of oil transferring onto your clothes. However, your comfort is of priority so we can always work around this. For example, if you are having a Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage you may prefer to keep your trousers or skirt on.You will be covered by towels for the duration of the treatment with only the area of the body being worked on being exposed.

    There is a changing room and toilet facilities on site to allow you privacy when you get changed before and after your massage treatment. For any treatment, it is sometimes advised to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to take off and put on after your treatment. For a seated massage or Indian head massage treatment, the client usually remains fully clothed with the massage being performed over the top of their clothing. This works well when massage is

    performed on a client who is nervous or anxious or does not feel comfortable taking their clothes off. If you choose to have Reflexology you will not be required to remove any clothing apart from footwear.

    Helen is professional and friendly and will put you at ease if you have any concerns or queries.

    It is important for a detailed consultation to be carried at the start of your first appointment to discuss your medical history, lifestyle and diet. This is a key part of your initial treatment as it helps your massage therapist to identify and plan the treatment that will best suit your needs but more importantly your therapist can assess whether it is safe for a massage treatment to be performed.

    Massage treatments are perfectly safe for the majority of people, but there are some medical conditions which may restrict or prohibit a massage (this is known as a contraindication). If you have a medical condition that you think may be a contraindication to massage, please let me know in advance of your appointment so that I can help to advise whether GP consent will be required. All follow up appointments will begin with a brief discussion to update on any medical or lifestyle changes and check that the clients needs are being met.

    Treatment times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which treatment you are having. Details can be found on my website or by asking me.

    If you are unsure as to which treatment would be best suited to you then you can email or call Helen to have a friendly chat.

    This is quite a difficult question to answer as many different factors are involved. For example, your time, your budget, your general health etc. Therefore, it is important to look at this from a slightly different angle and first of all decide what the main purpose of the massage treatment is:

    Relaxation – a number of clients come for a massage treatment for general relaxation and health maintenance. The benefits of massage in this instance is to release areas of tension, encouraging good blood circulation.

    Recommendation for treatment anywhere from every week to every 4 weeks.

    Stress and Relief of muscular tension – a vast majority of people will experience periods of increased stress over their lifetime, particularly as a result of the jobs they do. Stress can cause a build up of muscular tension, particularly across the back, neck and shoulders. Clients who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a desk, or clients who spend large amounts of time driving will commonly experience this increased tension which can often lead to feelings of pain and discomfort.

    Recommendation for treatment every 1-4 weeks

    Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Treatment - individuals who frequently exercise and carry out intense physical activity on a regular basis, often benefit from more specialised massage and soft tissue treatments. These specialised treatments can help to prevent injuries occurring, can speed up the muscles natural repair and recovery and lead to enhanced performance. In summary, swedish/deep tissue massage therapy can help to strengthen and condition muscles prior to exercise and activity and speed up healing of muscle tissue afterwards. The frequency of massage therapy is therefore very unique to the individual and their needs.

    Recommendation for treatment 1-2 weekly and then gradually reducing the frequency depending on how your injury/condition improves.

    Athletes and other individuals who engage in intense physical activity require specialised massage therapy to enhance performance, prevent injury, and speed up their muscles recovery. Competitive sports, for example, puts a lot of stress on the body. Massage therapy helps to strengthen muscles before the activity, and to heal afterward.

    The frequency of sessions may range from one to three times a week to three times a month.

    Do Deep Tissue Massage treatments hurt? - Generally, massage treatments are relaxing and no pain is experienced. However, when the treatments are deeper and include more soft tissue work, such as during Deep Tissue Massage work, there are occasions when this form of massage therapy can cause some slight discomfort. During all massage treatments you will be regularly asked if the pressure is ok for you. A comfort scale will be established between yourself and the therapist to ensure that the soft tissue work is within the client’s tolerance levels. Particular care is always given if you are suffering with an injury. The client can ask for the treatment to stop or be adapted at any point during the massage and your massage therapist will adapt their techniques accordingly to meet the needs of their clients.

    Appointments can be booked through the following means: They can be made at short notice, subject to availability or booked in advance. I try to fit in my clients as much as possible. I offer flexible working hours.

    COMING SOON! Through the website:

    By phone: 01752 492603

    Or by email: [email protected]

    The Olive Branch PLymouth operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you would like to avoid having to pay for a session that you can no longer attend, please be considerate and provide a minimum of 24hrs notice.

    Yes. The Olive Branch Plymouth offers a rewards scheme. At your first appointment you will be issued with a loyalty card which will be stamped at the end of your first treatment. Once you have received 9 stamps you will be entitled to enjoy a complimentary Aromatherapy Facial Massage on your next visit.

    Don’t worry, once you have completed your 9 stamps and enjoyed your complimentary treatment, you will be issued with a new loyalty card to start collecting stamps again and continuing to enjoy the benefits.

    Yes. I take training and qualifications very seriously. I am a fully trained and qualified Complementary Therapist and registered member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and I am also a member of the International Federation of Professional

    Aromatherapists (IFPA) as well registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance Services.

    Payment can be made by BACS payment or cash. Online payments will soon be available. Unfortunately, I cannot take payment by debit or credit card.

    Yes. Gift vouchers are available in any denomination or can be purchased for a specific treatment. Please contact me for further information or purchase via my website.

    The Olive Branch Plymouth is situated in a bespoke garden room tucked away at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Elburton, Plymouth. We are located just 5 miles from Plymouth city centre. There is on site parking on my private driveway. The nearest bus stop is only a 5-10 minute walk away. If you are coming by taxi or car you just need to use Google maps or SatNav and set the directions to The Olive Branch Plymouth.

    Over 25 years of experience. I started my training in massage in 1992 and by 1997 I was working as a self-employed Complementary Therapist with my own practice.

    I follow all the latest government guidance and that of the professional organisations that I am a member of. The space is thoroughly sanitised between clients. All the towels used are freshly laundered. We ask that you wear a face covering to your appointment and use the hand sanitiser provided. I take regular lateral flow tests throughout the week and pride myself on providing a safe but welcoming environment to keep you and myself secure.

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